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When dreams came true...

SEESEE brand emerged thanks to a dream of a woman who loves nature and fell in love with fishing…

SEESEE - fishing apparel for women, couples & families. Our Clothes are manually sewn in Slovakia. We choose for you only the materials of the top quality which would be easy and pleasant to wear, while providing you with the maximum comfort. We hope you´ll enjoy wearing our clothes; that our pieces will make you feel special, comfortable and awesome.


"As every woman, I also wanted to look nice and wear clothes which simply suited my needs. However, there was nothing like a fishing-wear-for-women brand in the European market. And so I decided to meet this need myself — and thus the SEESEE brand emerged. Later, when demand was high from guys as well, I decided to create also collections for men and kids and SEESEE finally became COMPLETE.

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About me - Q&A


What actually made you start your own brand?

My parents taught me to love the nature when I was a kid, and the older I got, the more I loved it. When I met my beloved man who is an accomplished fisherman, a new opportunity came up. Not only for going out for walks, but for spending the whole days, whole nights in the heart of the nature, by lakes, under the stars. Besides, I got an opportunity to get more closely acquainted with his hobby — and I became totally enthusiastic about it. It brings to my life such calmness and relaxation; exactly those things one needs when dealing with everyday duties. 


Of course, as any woman, I love being well-dressed, no matter whether we are talking going downtown or camping :) However, I wasn´t able to find a suitable womenswear brand which would suit my needs. And honestly, I got tired shopping for men S size shirts which made me look like a water goblin anyway! And that´s how I came up with the idea to establish the SEESEE —  a brand which would meet the needs of us — women :)


What are the advantages of the SEESEE when compared with other brands in the market?

The SEESEE brand is a unique phenomenon in the European market as it targets mainly women (but not only) who love the nature and fishing, yet wish to stay stylish even while spending their weekends camping.


Where do you go for inspiration for your outfits?

The nature and of course, the fishing itself, serve as my greatest inspiration. Moreover, I draw the inspiration from all of you, posting your photos on social networks — that always triggers some new ideas. Therefore, should any of you have any idea how to improve my products or create some new pieces — feel free to let me know! Isn´t the point of the SEESEE brand to be here for all of us after all? 


What are your goals?

I have many dreams and I believe that, gradually, I´ll manage to make all of them come true. The SEESEE brand was one of such great dreams; I have worked on it for more than a year — and now, I am proud to present the result: a brand which will make all of us feel exceptional even while fishing. That means, a type of the brand which has been missing until now (especially when we talk about women's range).

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